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Full Stream Name: Biomanufacturing

Research Educator: TBA

Principal Investigator: Andy Ellington & Brian Davies

Credit Options: Spring & Fall


Stream Overview

The Biomanufacturing Stream will train and educate students in the production of biomaterials using microbial cell-based systems to support research on melanins, anti-microbial peptides, and other small proteins from the Ellington and Davies labs.

Students will start with microreactors to learn aseptic techniques and protocols for bioproduction. From here, production will scale up to 1 and 2L fermenters all the way up to a 500L industry fermentation system, housed in the MBB building. The 500L production run will generate new research challenges for the stream to address in the Fall semester, and provide research materials for the stream and Ellington and Davies labs.  In addition to learning how to scale production, students will explore other areas of bioproduction such as Quality Control (QC) testing, stability, purification, and activity assays. 


Questions? Contact FRI at fri@utexas.edu.  Include your eid! 

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Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science