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Full Stream Name: Synthesis & Biological Recognition

Research Educator: Elizabeth Ilardi

Principal Investigator: Stephen F. Martin

Credit Options: Spring & Fall

As the demand for therapeutic drugs increases, how are researchers working to better understand molecular interactions? 

An understanding of the way proteins, enzymes, or other macromolecules interact with small molecules is integral to the process of drug design. The vast majority of drugs bind to such macromolecules initiating a biological response.  In order for a compound to be considered an efficient drug, it must bind well, or with high binding affinity.  Research in our laboratory is focused on the design  and synthesis of small molecules that exhibit high affinities and specificities for selected macromolecules using laboratory techniques relevant to synthetic organic chemistry.  For more information, check out our stream website



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Biochemistry, Chemistry, Medical Laboratory Science, Neuroscience, Pre-Med, Public Health